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Here's my question: How often does a person fall in love in a lifetime?

Here are the answers I got:

  • (f) I have been truely and madly in love about ten or twelve times so far. I am 53.
  • (f) as many as you like
  • (f) Most people never do . They just think they do. I would say its most likely that around 10 in a million actually fall head over heels in love with someone and receive those feelings back towards them. Pretty **** i know but truth!!
  • (f) As often as it takes him to find the right person.
  • (f) head over heels in love...twice! i'm 26. so i guess that would average out to once every 10 years.
  • (m) According to the bible, just once. 1 Chronicles ch.13 tells us about love. Try looking that up and make sure that all of those attributes are there before you go jumping into something. It may save you a lot of pain.
  • (m) Certainly at least 3 or 4, and probably more like 8 or 10.It would be an unlucky person not to have felt it at least a few times.
  • (m) I'm 21, twice.. I don't know if there is a statistic on this. It really depends on each individual. Hopefully true love will find me someday. (pls let it be sooner than later!)
  • (f) as many as you like until you find the right person
  • i've fell in love one time... most people just think they are in love but they are just fooling theirselfs. i think most of the falling in "love" we get are in highschool when our hormones are going wild.
  • several times, it all depends on what type of person you are.
  • (m) I Would Say 15 But Who Knows Im Only 15
  • (m) many times..
  • (m) As long as his/her heart beats, mind you, love could be for life itself among countless other things.
  • (m) i have loved many gals..........but one girl is very special to me..........among all the others........that means i truly love that to me true love comes only once.....
  • (m) i would say 2 or 3 after that there to gaurded to make that mistake again!
  • (f) only once i matter how many gfends/bfrends u have there is always one u will never forget or stop having feelings for whether u r together or not.
  • (f) wel many pple feel jus 1ce but sorry ive fallen twice n broken up so ders more dan 1 time a person falls in love !!!!! n dose who say once r plain liars.....
  • Note the difference between 'falling in love'and 'being in love':you can fall in love many times.. but to truly love another is a once in a lifetime feeling, because when you really love you wont even consider anyone else, even if your love is unreflected. someone once said (and i find it to be very true) that when you are falling in love, you think the object of your love is perfect, with no flaws! she is your beautiful princess and he is your knight in shining armor. however, when you love you know the other is NOT perfect, you become aware of the other's faults but accept them, and love the other as he(she) is.the first is completely irrational, while the other borders and moves closer to rationality. we do crazy things for love, especially in the process of 'falling' but when you actually start thinking and you still love, accept the flaws of the other, and are not overly jealous (jealousy is a sign of falling in love) because mutual trust takes over then its an extremely rare occasion!!!of course, it is also very likely that true love never be found...
  • well i am a believer that love comes only once in a lifetime, it may sound a bit extreme to all of you, but it is true ... people who say that they have fallen in love more than once may have been attracted to someone more than once, they may have been obssessed with someone more than once, but love? this feeling of superiority, of completness, the feeling of flying away ... this just comes once in a million years!!
  • (m) I think it totally depends on the personality of an individual. For some it may be just another day in one's life. Like just falling in love for a while n then then just falling out the same relationship. However, for someone it might mean a lot. Like ..people say...they wait for that love to happen in their life.So, I think it's quite a subjective issue. However, in my opinion, I think..that true love can happen only once in lifetime...!!

My opinion will be posted in a fortnight's time. By the way, what do my readers opine?


Vivek said…
Everytime I see a new edition of the GT-R!
saurabh said…
Guess I get crushed every alternate month, at the very least that is.
Deepanjan said…
Viv, it would have to be an RR for me!

Sittu, you're in my league!
Anonymous said…
I think the vast difference of opinions stems from the fact that people differ in their understanding of what excatly love is. I mean, there's no exact way to define this concept since it depends on a person's "feelings", for which there's no reliable and objective way of forming a comparison with others. For example, my experience in India has been such that people seem to take this concept a lot more lightly than in the West and tend to "fall in love" all the time.

Anyway, from my understanding of love, I can say I've been there 4 times, though each time has been so different that it seems odd to club them all under the all-encompassing term "love".

Great topic, Deep!
Deepanjan said…
Very mature assessment, I must say!
I'll stay reticent for now and do the talking soon. Just gathering my thoughts!
Anonymous said…
The obvious has been missed!

Why has everyone assumed love here means only the only for a "partner" from the opposite sex?

If love is the "desire to care for" and "cherish the company of", I guess I am in love with some few dozen people; including my parents to start with.

On how that count progresses, my firm believe is that any statistic here is atleast wrong by 100%

- Gurdas
Deepanjan said…
My query was about romantic love. Other forms could easily exist concurrently and those feelings could be for multiple people at the same time, no issues on that.

The "assumption" was indeed right!
Anonymous said…
Started of with Jhumur...then Smitha...then Sude...
No idea after that!!
Wonder if the Blog Poster - "Deepz" is still falling in love to come up with this 'Out of the Blue' topic
Deepanjan said…
Hey, there are lots of babes in town!
And my numbers are far more conservative than global figures.
Bads, you really didn't have to post anonymously!

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