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Should Da Vinci Code (the movie) be banned?

Freedom of speech & expression is a fundamental right in India. Then why should this right be curbed just because a movie puts forth views that contradict conventionally held wisdom?

Society should be mature enough to assimilate views that are seemingly at loggerheads. That's the only way to social & personal amelioration. Sure there'll be people who'll be supremely upset by the very foundations of their faith being shaken. But if their faith is indeed right, shouldn't it be allowed to measure up to the challenge?

The beauty of civilization lies not in its homogeneity of thought...but in the lack of it. It's the multitude of thought processes that allow us to pick the best.


saurabh said…
The onus to act in a mature way lies not just with the people who are protesting, but also with those who try to gain cheap press space under this so called "freedom of speech" concept. I really dont think that what Danish Cartoonists or for that matter, our very own Fida Hussein has done, comes under this "Freedom of Speech". If something is out there, deliberately hurting the religious sentiments, it should be banned.
Deepanjan said…
A tricky issue! How do you decide whether something is meant to deliberately hurt the sentiments of others? It could be a simple case of a benign but avant garde idea being misinterpreted as an outrightly contemptuous attempt at impinging on commonly held and revered beliefs.

If people have an objection, there are many ways of exhibiting objection...including peaceful protests. Turning violent, expressing communal expletives or disrupting daily activities is no way of going about it.

Unfortunately, when administrative mechanisms are too sluggish, people often take to resorting to such extreme measures to gain visibility and prominence. Clearly, it's an act of desperation-very symptomatic of a flawed system.
saurabh said…
Okay, first I need to make one thing clear, i am not against the views aired in The Code, and primarily because of my naivity regarding the religious belief involved.
But if you are saying that the acts of Danish Cartoonints or Hussein was "simple case of a benign but avant garde idea", then sorry, I am not buying that.
Deepanjan said…
My ideas are not for sale! But ya, the cartoon incident was a bit too much for many people to stomach. I didn't get to see it will refrain from forming an opinion.

But I do have my fair share of suspicion on the vociferous & fervant fanatics who went on the rampage. They hardly have a reputation for tolerance anyway. We can't afford to be judicious based on the knee-jerk reactions of scattered bunches of hysteria-hit people.
saurabh said…
What else do you expect? Its the person out there to show his "creativity" who needs to show some tolerance.
Not everything can be allowed in the name of "open society".
I appreciate the fact that americans use their freedom of speech to critisize their own president in public forums, I appreciate the fact that at least, our legilatures cant be convicted for anything they say in the house... but some issues are beyond this purview and Religion is definitly one such issue.
Deepanjan said…
My views on religion are well known to many. I'm indeed an endangered species on account of being so much of a non-conformist! But I can't help adding that religion stinks and the sooner we learnt to live without it...the better.

However, that's no reason for theists to feel offended. If indeed they are lacetared, I'm not to blame.
Anonymous said…
"I'm still an atheist, thank God." : Luis Bunuel
Deepanjan said…
I love our friendly antagonism, thank God.
Anonymous said…
Hey D

Sit Back! Relax and Enjoy the show!! The movie is supposed to be better than the 'Bose' story of Justice Mukherjee vs Congress.

I am watching the movie tomorrow as it's getting released in US. Will type in my comments only after that...
Anonymous said…
Had the opportunity to watch Discovery Channel Series on this. Possibily that led to an anti climax. The movie is good. Questions raised in it are certainly eye catching.
Worth seeing but with a pinch of Salt.
Deepanjan said…
Hey, your 'review' was the real anti-climax. Gimme more info.

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