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Guess what, my Firefox is being treated to the new-look Yahoo! homepage. IE still shows the old homepage.

It's a great facelift!

Addendum: OK, now IE too is showing up the new interface. There was a link to switch from the old to the new.


saurabh said…
Sometimes, a webpage developer has to incorporate certain code snippets which detects your browser type and based on that feeds you the page.
For example, Netascape Navigator(and its sister browsers) is a bit lame when it comes to handling JavaScripts, an integral part of any J2EE based application.
Therefore, while developing a page, it is imperative to find the browser type, see if the code that you have written is supported by the browser, and if not, go for alternative approach for those browsers.
In this case, clearly, yahoo developers are a bit late in making available, IE specific new pages and I dont see how the blame can me put on IE for that...
Deepanjan said…
Valuable insight!
But I wasn't playing the blame game at all. Just chronicled what I saw.

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