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Doing It

I've got a confession to make: I think of 'doing it' all the time. I look at the computer screen at work, feel bored, close my eyes...and invariably think of doing it. I'm in the bus, staring vacantly at the maddening crowd outside, shut my eyes & think of doing it. I reach home exhausted and reeling; think of doing it. I wake up on weekend mornings, think of dedicating the entire day doing it...and end up complying for only a few minutes, exceedingly satisfying though it may be.

I think of the blessed day when the object of my affection had come home with me for the first time. I was tempted to doing it that very night, but better sense prevailed and I didn't. We just lay together in bed before I fell asleep.

But temptations are hard to resist and I finally did it for the first time! It was magical and very special, something that has kept me loyal for all these months. I can still recall the anticipation, the excitement, the apprehension, the uncertainty, the ogling and the decisive plunge. It was ecstatic! We lied together and I kept reminiscing what had just transpired between us. I drifted asleep after flirting with the idea of what lied ahead.

I did it regularly after that, although not with the prolific frequency I had originally intended. It was always the same magic, the same surge of emotions, the same overwhelming, the same chemistry and the same feeling of wonderment that egged me on to newer and hitherto unexplored levels. Doing it each time left me a little more experienced and complete.

Ya, I'm in the mood to do it again tonight. Gotta continue with page 64 of A Suitable Boy. Reading this book has been an experience in itself. Each time I do it, I'm wiser by a few pages. Vikram Seth's insight into the nuances of the human psyche is amazing.


Anonymous said…
Mr. Nag,
Came across your blog accidentally. You write really well. First time I am reading something like this in a blog. The end is a pleasent surprise.
In the hope to read more from you.
Anonymous said…
Wow, you're making me want to do it too
Deepanjan said…
You should!
We should!
Anonymous said…
As Gulshan Grover keeps reiterating in one of his films: -
"Dirty Mind!!"

Do you have any idea what I was beginning to envisage??? ( SHUDDER SHUDDER )
Anonymous said…
Deeps, I thought I was the King of double meaning...
Vivek said…
Wow! Deep has stooped to using innuendo! Why Deep, why?
Deepanjan said…
It's nice to see Sam, Sittu & Viv posting comments together!

Sam, the post finally got you worked up, didn't it?

Sittu, these are desperate times for me!

Viv, there's rustic artistry in it!
Anonymous said…
Probably amongst your worst pieces ever.

That it was not about sex was just too obvious. The worst thing an author can do is try to pull a surprise which ceased to exist early in the writing.

Better luck next time.
Deepanjan said…
The surprise element wasn't for you. You know me!
It was for strangers. And it did catch Sulekha readers by surprise. The comments bear testimony.

But I appreciate outspoken comments. Keep them flowing.
Old Spice said…
You're doing it? I've just done it. For the first time. My take on my blog.

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