Monday, May 08, 2006

Second Rendezvous with IE 7

I've heard people crying hoarse about Firefox failing them so miserably, they had to revert to their beloved IE. Since I'm on an installation spree on my stark-naked desktop, I thought of downloading and installing IE 7 Beta 2.

I did, only to repent within a matter of few minutes. The bleeding-edge embracing IE came up with a peculiar memory error within a few minutes of being launched each time, forcing it to shut down. I tried it many times and each time the same memory error was being thrown at me. I even tried rebooting. Nothing helped.

Had to uninstall it after that. My previous flirtation with IE 7 had not been a happy one either. For the moment, I'll remain loyal to Mozilla Firefox. By the way, IE is indeed indispensable when surfing certain sites. And you don't even need to launch IE to visit those sites. Simply try IE Tab to use the IE rendering engine from within Firefox itself! Mission accomplished!

By the way, there are sites that indeed work better with Firefox!


Vivek said...

I've heard of people in my company who have had to have their systems formatted after having 'upgraded' to IE 7.

Deepanjan said...

Wonder what's wrong with it.