Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Santosh decided to cook some mushrooms for dinner. Hard luck, the shops didn't have them in stock.

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Anonymous said...

with options in every spere there comes
choices , and choices to decisions .
dining for dinner being the goal ,
reaching this goal leading to a recap
of previous stages .

this is where , its game over ,
there speaking of games ,
mushrooms showing up in mario brothers ,
but then mario breaks bricks using his head
for it , however here heads are intact ,
good for the head , after all whats the use hitting heads when mushrooms don't come rewarding .

even alice in alice and wonderland
used mushrooms to grow and strink in size , so mushrooms have instant
mom power to grow people up ,
they may also have the wife power
to strink people down .

so mushrooms , become the remedy to
increase height of shorties ,
ah , ad idea popped up to increase the sale of mushrooms ,
yes like look i am a mushroom boy
besides also being a complan boy .
alas no company advertising for selling mushrooms , for there being no need to
with mushroom sales over in boom , boom .