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The UTI Bank Followup (21st November)

Dear Sir
Thank you for writing to us and sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
We have requested our Bangalore Branch, for necessary assistance. You will be receiving a reply from them shortly.
Please get back to us if you are not contacted.
Assuring you of our best services.
Xxxxx Xxx
Information Technology
UTI Bank Ltd

I'm yet to hear from these guys.
I filled a web-form last week to open an account in a very prominent bank (not UTI Bank!). A representative was supposed to show up to help me through the formalities. Guess what, no one has contacted me yet. When I'm trying to lodge a complaint, the web-page itself is throwing up an error! And I've made repeated attempts at this through both IE and FF.

Why the hell doesn't anything work in this country? Is there something intrinsically defective in our genes?


Anonymous said…
i have gone thro your blog and i get the feeling that you are going out of your way to degrade UTI bank. Either you are working for a peer bank or you have a pet grouse against the bank. I dont think it is in good taste buddy
Deepanjan said…
I beg to differ. I've stated the facts and if that's degrading to the UTI Bank facade, so be it. The truth must come out and I've only been an instrument in letting that happen.

I don't work for any bank. I'm not that underprivileged!
Anonymous said…
don't worry they will improve delivery of
service after all dis is 21st century .
action must be taken , if u don't let dem know how u feel , den no action ....
u r not deir boss but a customer who cannot control dem , r say were deir potential customer ....let dem kn and beware . guess abroad 1 would sue dem 4 such reasons .

anyway maybe u should take d effort in
telling 2 deir face deir inefficiency ,
dat would alert dem , sure dey don't want 2 lose a customer ....
show dem dat customer is d king ...

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