Wednesday, November 08, 2006

These are trying times at work.

Saw Sittu in the morning as he was waiting for his shuttle and I wished Prateek had been there to give him company. I remember the two leaving for work together when I was staying with them in a Madiwala cave more than a year ago! It has been a long time since I met them.

The traffic has seriously begun to bother me. I wonder how much more can the roads of Bangalore take.


sittu said...

ya,but the cave wasnt that bad :)

Deepanjan said...

It wasn't bad at all! I thoroughly enjoyed watching you punching away furiously at the tiny keypad. It never failed to make me laugh!

C, even the memory makes me smile!

prateek said...

Siitu, tum hi yahan aa jao. khuli khuli sadak. chat pakodi ka thhela. aa ha ha mithai. oh ho ho... kasam se 15 rupiya ka mithai me pet bhar jayega.

Deepanjan said...

Now I feel I must return to my roots! So what else is new, Prats?

Prateek said...

Rajarhat's growth, city center bustling with babes, a girl from Jamshedpur being selected for MTV Roadies-4, myself planning to change the fake garb of techie.
Over and above the lovely weather, never been in Kolkata in the winter season, this is the first time. At par with Bangalore or say better. :)