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My arsenal against antdom!

I've been bit more than I could bear and now it's time to settle the score once and for all. Santosh gave my mattresses a sunbath and I'm all set to gift my little detractors the most toxic cocktail of disinfectants they've ever known.

Posterity will remember today as the turning point of evolution of life on earth.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
i am feeling kinda bored. thought i cul dblog out and publicise my feelings on da net

i wonder what is there in life at all

just go to work

once in a while party and thats it

boring to the core

mebbe thats how life is
Deepanjan said…
Ya, the realization seeps in sooner or later. I guess the trick lies in contriving some fun for yourself even when boredom prevails. My gripe is that life is too unidirectional for us and we hardly have the means to warp out of it into other dimensions.

Life has many facets and we are missing most of them. It's not fair.

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