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Me, the egotist

There's a huge backlog of long posts I would have loved to publish. But I'm hopelessly behind schedule and can't play the catching-up game.

The world will never know the many masterpieces that could have been. It's almost as monumental as Mozart breathing his last while he was still in his 30's.

Do I flatter myself too much?


Anonymous said…
I bet u do.
Deepanjan said…
Do I know you?
Vivek said…
heh heh .... deep I bet she's 1 of 'em pretty babes you are fawning over in the post following this one!
Deepanjan said…
I don't think so!
I know the names of all the hotties mentioned in that post! And the comment came before that post was published.
Anonymous said…
This babe has an excellent premonition. :-)

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