Thursday, November 23, 2006

At a dance competition

How do you feel when the three prettiest babes in your workplace are in close proximity with you at the same time?

How do you feel when the prettiest babe sits right next to where you are standing? You feel like occupying the vacant seat next to her.

How do you feel when the second-prettiest babe, who also happens to be a very close friend, is busy in animated gestures and spirited conversations with her colleagues? You feel like her colleagues shouldn't have existed in the first place and that you should have hogged all her attention instead.

How do you feel when the thirt-prettiest babe is up there on the makeshift stage looking prettier than ever before...almost like a walking-talking doll? You wish you could take her home and keep her for good.


How do you feel when a wall of people block your visibility of the prettiest babe until she leaves? You feel like all those damned people were dead.

How do you feel when the second-prettiest babe also leaves mid-way when work beckons? You realise you're nothing more than just another passing entity in her life.

About the third babe? Wake up to reality!


zoya said...

I'm just these pretty babes follow your blog? If so, do they know who they are? I expect that would make for interesting conversation at work.

Deepanjan said...

Pretty babe #1 is unaware of my blog. I've added her AIM id to my contact list and enjoy watching her online-offline status! I never dared to strike a conversation with her though.

Pretty babe #2 is a regular reader of my blog and knows her ranking in list of hotties! Alas, she 'belongs' to someone else.

Pretty babe #3 is unaware of my blog. And she's not all that high on my list anyway!

sittu said...

so she's #2!!!

sreya said...

Are you a kid craving for attention or are a man running after beauty and glamour following the 'laws of physics'?..whatever you are,you are sure fun to be around!