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Flash Flush

I had my favorite umbrella, my favorite book, my favorite blanket, my favorite side at the table, my favorite constellation and my favorite singer. Likewise, I now have my favorite...urinal at the workplace, and that shouldn't ring any alarm bells for my readers. There's hardly any compelling reason to choose this particular one over the others except that it lies at the farthest end of the restroom and thus provides maximum privacy; yet I'm so used to reaching out for my comfort zone each time I'm there, it now comes habitually to me. The urinals, by the way, are fitted with an auto flush system and so each time your business is done, the flush is automatically triggered.

But over the past couple of months, I've notices something strange about the urinal bang opposite to my favorite one. Each time I'm at my sweet spot and unzip the fly,
the erring urinal's flush is automatically triggered! And this happens without fail. I've even engaged in competitions to see if the unzipping can be done before the flush flushes,
and each time I've been beaten.

So I decided a few days back to use the strange urinal with the overenthusiastic flush and see how it behaves this time. I approached, nothing happened. I unzipped, nothing happened. I did my business, nothing happened. I zipped, nothing happened. I moved away, nothing happened. I lurked around, nothing happened. I snooped, nothing happened. I left, I don't know if anything happened.

Anyway, I'm back to using my favorite urinal...the one not afflicted by any such anomaly. Adjusting to its hypersensitive but eccentric cousin will take some time though. By the way, I'm still in competition with it to see if the unzipping can happen before the redundant flush.


Anonymous said…
A star is PORN. :)
How about some details of the business carried out?
Like what was you approach towards it, how you managed to hold on, et al.
Deepanjan said…
Now this is getting interesting! Have we met? Do I know you?

About carrying out the business, well, I'm so used to it by now that it's only second nature to me. I don't even pay much attention to the nuances anymore.

Holding on isn't an option, it's a necessity.

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