Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Daily Scoop!

I'm getting addicted to Nilotpal filling me in each morning on all the scandals that happen in and around our lives. It's the daily scoop that fully awakens me to what lies ahead. I guess he should be promoted to our in-house tabloid journalist!


Anonymous said...

hi Deepu, One friend of mine got placed in Accenture, and he wants to do a 6th Sem Job Training. Can you get some information from your HR about this or there Numbers or Mail-Id's.

Deepanjan said...

We have a surplus of techies here and I'm not sure if applying for the 6th semester project will translate to anything successful. In the long run, it's actually a liability for the company and doesn't add any value to it. It's nothing but a burden that the company is rarely willing to take.

Still, I can get you some mail ids that may prove helpful...although I'm highly skeptical it'll work. Send me ur mail id.