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My posts are strewn all across the Net. One place I frequent to exchange ideas on current issues is the Yahoo! News Message Boards.

Today's article on recruitment agencies in India Indian headhunters use "speed dating" to meet job demand stirred a hornet's nest. I was surprised to see so much hatred directed @ Indians. The following was my reply. It got the 3rd highest number of recommendations (till now)!

I always admired the US as a nation of clairvoyant ppl. Seems this forum is infested with exceptions! Never ever have I heard of the ludicrously figmented idea of India using Canadian technology for its nukes! By that logic, Indians are guilty of breathing too...since they never discovered air! And about computers, well, we didn't invent them...but we indeed invented the concept of zero long before the binary system was used. What makes the US exemplary is its assimilation of the best that the world has to offer...something that warrants an open mind and a liberal mindset. Protectionism can't take you never can. Look at the communists, they were so protectionist. What happened finally? They screwed their economies! I work in an MNC in Bangalore, India. We have had out own share of socialist fools, especially in the state of West Bengal. I remember them vociferously opposing the use of computers under the pretext of protecting people from job losses. But after years of foolhardy existence, they have finally woken up to reality. The same fools are now trying hard to woo IT companies into setting shop there instead of Karnataka (Bangalore's state) or Andhra Pradesh. You think US companies are foolish trying to come to India? You believe they aren't aware of economic issues? If they were that ignorant, they would never be where they are today. Let economic issues be decided by those who understand macroeconomics best. Let the fervent & emotional fools keep their mouth shut. It's the best they can do for their country.


Vivek said…
Couldn't have put it better myself. You're the man!
Anonymous said…
Deepanjan is a 'FreeMasonary'.
Deepanjan said…
Not exactly.
I'm just a person whose individuality can't be institutionalized.

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