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Penthouse Problems

A penthouse may be a prized possession in cold countries, but in India it's a curse. I have been thus cursed and can't help fuming about it.

Mine is a penthouse, although the entrance opens to the verandah that curls around the room to the terrace. While I'm lucky enough not to have to spend siesta-time there (as I do most of the napping @ work!), the situation is dramatically altered on weekends. That's when the slanting rays of the rising-&-setting sun...and the direct days of the overhead sun conspire to heat the walls of our place beyond the tolerable limit. I'm left parched from the heat.

To make matters worse, water is a scant resource on weekends. I guess it's because of the heavy consumption of water for the washing of clothes. If I had forgotten to fill the bottles, I've had it. It's a mini-drought and I have to make do with whatever precious little I have at my disposal.


Vivek said…
Water problems in Bangalore? In which deprived corner of the city do you live?
Deepanjan said…
JP Nagar...& it's not really all that deprived as compared to other parts of the city.
Vivek said…
And you still have water problems? First time I'm hearing of something like this.
Deepanjan said…
Life has given me a lot to crib about!
saurabh said…
is this why ur name is Deepanjan NAG?
Deepanjan said…
Nope, just a coincidence!

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