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Illegal Immigrants in the US

What makes the US so unique is its social heterogeneity. Indeed, opening up to the rest of he world is the easiest way of assimilating the best the world has to offer. The US has been the most liberal in embracing the global culture, paving the way for other civilizations to follow suit.
But every political union has its downside. A non-porous border is one of them. While in a utopian world borders shouldn't exist, in the real world they least as long as the global socio-political scene doesn't change dramatically.

illegal immigration is an issue that needs to be tackled with utmost care. It really doesn't make sense to embrace all and sundry with open arms, nor should the US spurn all advances.
It all boils down to policies that best suit the welfare of US citizens first and foremost. I'm sure there are enough policies that deal with this issue. If they need be fine-tuned, so be it; but let the illegal immigrants be deemed so...and sent back home. If America needs them, they can always be invited respectful foreign workers.


Deepanjan said…
You've hit the nail on its head! While domestic economics gains precedence over macroeconomics, one must bear in mind that there are serious connotations of shortcuts applied by citizens.

Your logic of trying to pay less for the same work applies not just to the US but to all nations. Indeed, that's why ppl like me (an Indian techie) are getting jobs!

But the line has to be drawn somewhere. Imagine if everyone was allowed entry into the US without restrictions. I would be one of the first ppl to land up in your nation...and I'm sure there'll be many to follow suit! Like it or not, the US is often too alluring and too enticing for its own good. While being alluring enough may be a great virtue (the US has attracted the greatest minds), it could also be a malady in attracting too many unwanted elements...who would simply be of nuisance value to your economy in the long run.

Checks have to be in place & unwanted elements should be thrown out, coz garbage is useless.
Deepanjan said…
I humbly disagree. The law should be equal for all. It should not be served on a first-come first-served basis!

If foreigners are indeed required, I'm sure the senators wouldn't be oblivious to it. If they are, make yourself heard loud & clear.
saurabh said…
see deep, this is exactly what happens when you try to comment without knowing the ground realities...
Vivek said…
Righto Sittu. Mr. Know-It-All sitting in the Accenture BDC now wants to tell U.S. citizens what's good for 'em. Jeez, Deep! Don't you know it when you've bitten off more than you can chew?

We got enough problems of our own including Bangladeshis & Sri Lankans migrating here in hordes .... how come you've never thought this worthy enough for an enlightened comment of yours?
Deepanjan said…
Viv, I guess u r confused on my line-of-thought. Contrary to what you may have interpreted, I'm all for international borders being patroled stringently.

Commenting on all the world's ills is beyond the earthly powers endowed upon me! Indeed, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans migrating into India in hordes is a serious problem, more so because we are an oversexed civilization and already multiplying faster than rabbits!
Vivek said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Deepanjan said…
This is where the line must be drawn.
Vivek said…
I hit a raw nerve I guess.

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