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Me cooked for dinner!

It must be years since I last cooked, discounting the instant noodles I would 'cook' on a few occasions. And I was feeling a tad guilty for never helping Santosh with his cooking. So I thought of doing something about it...and decided to try my favorite maharashtrian delicacy-Anda Bhurji!

Santosh was unaware of how to go about it...and I was there guiding him! I felt like an expert cook dictating terms to his minion-no offence meant! Among the many ingredients bought was a packet of butter. Believe it or not, Santosh had never tasted butter before!

Anyway, I did most of the work while Santosh did render some help, an offshoot of empathy resulting from seeing me toil over the burner!

The end-product did do great justice to the labour put in. We felt famished and dug in after the fatigue was over. Loved it! Reminded me of the few occasions I had prepared the same dish in Pune. When time wouldn't permit or when I would be on my way back after buying second-hand books from Lakdi bridge, I would invariably stop at one of the inexpensive roadside eateries near Deccan Theatre and order my favorite dish: Anda Bhurji! It was inexpensive and delicious!

Loved those days. It was nice partially recreating the magic of yore!


Anonymous said…
out of excitement perhaps ,
u hv said me cooked 4 dinner ,
as u should hv guessed its i cooked 4
dinner . dere is no doubt men can be
great cooks , provided dere is no women
to pamper them .

cooking adds flavour to the rest of the prevailing activities .
is cooking an innovative job or a explorative job , it provably depends on ur style of cooking .
u did a rediscovery style of cooking
if u had cooked urself it would hv been innovative .the above was just one ex .

wishing u all the best in getting ur cooking touch back .
Deepanjan said…
Hi Anon!
I'm not much of a writer...but I love abusing the writers' licence-as is so overtly evident in the title!
Your insight was very apt. I can't help recall what Carl Sagan had called the Sun-A Cosmic Kitchen! Well, my kitchen isn't that cosmic, but it indeed helps keep me alive!
I would love it if you could lift your veil on anonymity.
Anonymous said…
ur frankness well appreciated ,
a sportive way of expression ,
but have no food for thought to
comment more .

every kitchen gives service ,
tribute to ur kitchen and ur cook .
as u do ur dialy ordeal for survival ,
do take pains to ensure u get all necessary nutrients and such things for survival . focus on developing ur artistic capabilities if ever doing the delicate ordeals of cooking ,
or else keep seeking productive strenght without the guilt of not being
the personage in creating the eatable feast . here cheers for ur deliteful meals .

i can comment whatever i want wearing
my veil of anonymity , so long as comments are always welcome right .
Deepanjan said…
I don't mind your choosing to remain anonymous. Comments are always welcome!

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