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I got lucky today...twice!

Do the Microsoft people spy on my blog?!!! I know Inktomi regularly indexes my page, but I don't really think it has the intelligence to report to Microsoft my cribbing about not being given access to its Live Mail Beta! I now have good reason to believe some snooping going around here!

After being refused a previous offer to gain access to Live Mail Beta (just because mine was an Indian account), I was surprised to see Microsoft inviting me again to try out its overhaul of the venerable Hotmail. And this time my advances weren't spurned!

Prima facie, Live Mail seems to closely parallel the philosophy behind Yahoo! Mail's change of interface. Now comparing the two facelifts (both thrust upon me today!) wouldn't really be fair- not without me devoting sufficient time to each one of them. To make matters worse, Santosh's computer has the redoubtable screen-resolution of 800*600.

But if I'm allowed to be judgmental without being judicious (just this one time!), I would pick Yahoo! Mail as the better of the two.

I love being pampered thus!


Anonymous said…
Yes MS spies on people as a normal part of their system. They install "Alexa" a spyware program on most of the products they sell. Delete it immediately after re-installing any MS product.

It has also been rumored that Gates made a deal with the Federal Government to forgo prosicution if he would innclude an FBI trojan in his products.

BIG BROTHER is always watching.

Get yourself a G-Mail account and let MS desolve into the dust that collects on the inside of your computor. Hotmail is worthless in my opinion as is most MS products. The only REAL bad thing about Microsoft products is:

They expect that I should pay for them. LOL.

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