Monday, April 10, 2006

Bought My First PC...(28th Feb)!

Call us backward, but India is no longer the neolithic civilization it used to be. One object of desire that has become ubiquitous here is the PC. Go to the 'average' Indian home and you'll find the PC being used. Go to the popular roadside eatery, and you may come across it. Go to rural India, and you'll find many a home proudly flaunting the many utilities of the PC.
I had been contemplating joining the bandwagon for quiet some time now, especially after coming to Bangalore. The PC is the ultimate luxury for the bachelor. Let him romance it...and he'll never ask for a wife! After going thru the usual motions of procrastination, I finally decided to buy my first PC. So I went to this place and bought myself what has become my very first PC. What a stunner! It has a small form-factor which almost qualifies it for my lap. It comes with a 5yr warranty, metallic finish, instructions al.

While I can't flirt with my it as much as I would like to, Santosh has full access to it throughout the day...that is, until I come back from work! Of course, I'm too tired to wrestle it from him, and so he generally retains full access.

I just love my PC!


Anonymous said...

he he he...
When is the party?

Deepanjan said...

Soon...the PC will be utilized!

Anonymous said...