Monday, April 03, 2006

Not again!

I'm so disgusted that I've reverted to using IE! This can't be happening to me. My heart bleeds.


Vivek said...

What's wrong with IE? Why do you hate it so?

Deepanjan said...

Nothing wrong with IE. In fact, it's the best browser!
I'm disgusted with the way things are turning up here. My patience has been tried.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deep...I spent all of 6 hours in Bangalore but I did drive past your office and thought of you!

By the way, the posts I had to remove were work-related. I mentioned that my boss resigned and that our appraisal system is now "in a state of disarray", and our corporate marketing people didn't like that too much. I had no idea the corporate marketing people were even reading my blog. Anyway, it made me realize you never know who's reading it.

And yes, I do like classical. Chopin and Shostakovich are my favourites. Of course, Beethoven is great too. Thanks for the link!

Deepanjan said...

Yo Zoya!

I was feeling terribly depressed @ work...and that's when ur comment surfaced and lightened me up!

Ya, you never know who reads ur blog...and I've faced problems similar to yours. I guess we're learning to be more conservative when it comes to blogging.

I love Chopin! His first 3 ballades are so beautiful! Shostakovich...well, I was listening to one of his compositions only a couple of days ago and was really impressed.