Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Living in the dark ages

A Reuters Report:

A textbook used at schools in the Indian state of Rajasthan compares housewives to donkeys, and suggests the animals make better companions as they complain less and are more loyal to their "masters," The Times of India reported Tuesday.

"A donkey is like a housewife ... In fact, the donkey is a shade better, for while the housewife may sometimes complain and walk off to her parents' home, you'll never catch the donkey being disloyal to his master," the newspaper reported, quoting a Hindi-language primer meant for 14-year-olds.

And we are supposed to be a liberal society! If academia is infested with this type of 'education', let's remain blissfully ignorant!


sittu said...

I tried to remain ignorant.... but they made me study :(

deepanjan said...

I'm sure they didn't make u learn all this crap!

sittu said...

Not this one, but I did learned a hell lot of other crap. I still dont know what I'll do with my knowledge of Haber's process!

Vivek said...

Dark ages? Enlightenment!

deepanjan said...

But really, such 'enlightenment' should be gained via first-hand experience, not academic rote!