Overate during lunch. The meeting post-lunch cruelly wrestled me from slumberland.
Lesson Learnt: Skip lunch if you have a meeting to attend after that.


Vivek said…
You should the crowd in our company dormitory after lunch. There isn't a single bed left empty!
deepanjan said…
Ya, Dhyani told me about the tussle for dormitory beds. Rhymer and I couldn't stop laughing!
deepanjan said…
OK, maybe Rhymer wasn't there in the picture at all (that's what she tells me)!! I may have fused 2 incidents into one in the recollection!
deepanjan said…
My volatile memory failed me again! Rhymer protested my referring to the above incident since she didn't believe it happened. I put on my thinking cap only to realize she was right.
We had indeed laughed...but the incident was different.

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