Happy Birthday...

...to the sweetest lady I've ever come across!


Vivek said…
Is it the cute kid whose pic you've got on the Flickr link?
deepanjan said…
Keep guessing...but don't let ur imagination run wild!
Sameer said…
Hmmm..., I guess he is talking about Diya, his niece.

But, he could also be talking about another lady with a name rhyming with Diya.
Vivek said…
Hey Sam, Happy B'day bro. I posted a message on the group, but I guess nobody cares to check anymore.

As for this Deepanjan, the rate at which he's asking us to take turns at guessing, I think he's probably doing the same.
deepanjan said…
Happy B'day, Sameera!
You're such a treasured junk!
About the mysterious lady, u have inched right!
sittu said…
sameer, happy b'day chikne.

deeps, for a change, stop ogling at other's girlfriend, even if its their b'day.
on second thought, by "SWEETEST LADY" did u meant sameer??? coz believe me he is NOT.i have seen IT. he is anything but SWEET.
deepanjan said…
If it's a battle for some lady's heart, I'll always be a loser. But that doesn't stop me from being appreciative, especially if it's such a captive lady!
Sameer said…
Thank-you guys!!!

Sittu, dirty man, you ought to be clear as to what you are talking about. There are others also who visit this blog..... :D

Rob, I ain't a part of the group any more, buddy. I withdrew my other ID from it a few days back. Wasn't feeling like being in it after all that transpired.

Deep, the kind of words you use to describe her, could only mean that you are in love. (Now, plz don't delete this comment. It is just my personal opinion.)

And many happy returns of the day to your niece. She is just one day older than me....;)

We just had a cake cutting ceremony at office today. My face was smothered by the swiss chocolate topping on that cake by my project manager amidst pleas from me to not do so; all this, while my tech lead held back my hands and the others laughed their hearts out. They must really hate me for the way I annoy them and must have planned to avenge it for quite some time now cause this doesn't happen to the others....:)
deepanjan said…
Let me drop a hint: it wasn't Diya's b'day...it was the rhymer's!
So it's sweet revenge for IBM! If only I could dig in!

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