The Endgame

I'm done with downloading all the classical numbers I wanted, well...almost. One composition I couldn't lay my hands on is Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Web Search engines were useless, I can only see bit & pieces of some movements. Gnutella based P2P networks serve up either nothing or different movements from different orchestras. Yuck!

I've resorted to using the Bittorrent protocol and the Torrentspy search engine to transfer the requisite files (120mb). I just hope I'm successful. Next in line would be Mozart's 39th Symphony and Beethoven's Violin Concerto. I've only got the first movement.


sittu said…
if u cud lay ur hands on Opus 104, string quintet in C minor by Beethoven then plz let me know.
deepanjan said…
Ah, so you're digging deep into the book!
Opus 104 doesn't interest me. If it was a great composition, it wouldn't be so obscure.

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