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What if I die tomorrow?

  • This would be my last blog post.
  • I would have not accomplished many of my dreams (especially buying a reflecting telescope and a computer). But then again, the more dreams you realize...the more they proliferate.
  • Some people will continue thinking I'm better than I really am. Some people will continue thinking I'm worse than I really am.
  • Some will shed a tear or two for a few days. At least I hope they will! I'm sure Diya will miss me a lot. She's begun to grasp the meaning of death by now.
  • My priceless books would disintegrate.
  • My music archive would never be listened to.
  • My Yahoo account (and some lesser ones) would continue to linger for some time before closing.
  • I would have died a bachelor. Some lucky woman would have averted the biggest mistake of her life.
  • I would not have registered for the Cryonics Society.
  • I would not have said many things that I'll never say anyway.
  • Downloading COSMOS would remain incomplete.
  • My Nokia...I don't know what would happen to it.
  • I would have never owned a Labrador.
  • My end would have happened where it all began. I wouldn't be too proud of it.
  • Java, well, it was jinxed anyway.
  • I would cease to exist. No sweet ripple of existence or conscience (spirit) would exist.
  • I would not be able to say goodbye to the three women I fell in love with at various points in the life. I eventually fell out of love with the first two. It's the third that would really hurt.
  • Some who knew me would return to my blog.

I really wouldn't be too fond of dying tomorrow, the day after or ever after. I would just love to be immortal. I'm profoundly hoping nanotechnology and anti-oxidants can do wonders and catch up with me before time does. But the odds are heavily stacked against me.

When the end really comes, a prelude to it may not even be posted.


Anonymous said…
no ones ever going 2 be immortal ,
dose who r , people hv confution dey exist (god) , and dere should be d end of d world and universe ....ofcourse ur genes ,
dna , and reproductive samples can be stored in d bank ...or dna put into chip wic can be inserted into robot r comp ...robocop
Sudakshina said…
Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.
- Mark Twain

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