Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Have people forgotten amplitude modulation?

I loathe FM. Not the technology per se but the way it is used. FM's greatest fault: people have forgotten AM. FM's other fault: programs aired over it hardly have any distinctive identity. Anyone with a certain way with words will make do for a host.

Speak crap, dangle the proverbial carrot in the form of free tickets or gift vouchers and people will surely fall for it. Occasionally get the brain dead audience revved up to air views on pressing issues and see their concerns shoot through the roof as each one tries to outdo the other in coming up with a brilliant solution...something the rest of mankind was oblivious to until now. The reward: 20 seconds of ephemeral fame as the world (limited to your city) suddenly discovers your brilliance.

And who can forget SMS? Send your requests to 4141 as long as you are requesting only for a recent hit that everyone has already heard at least a zillion times. No Keith Jarrett, Boots Randolph or Rosemary Clooney. No jazz, no bluegrass and certainly nothing Celtic. AM was so much better. It was so much fun surfing the waves from Radio Moscow or Radio Australia. And I needn't even mention BBC or VOA. Whatever happened to those days?

I'm sure a hypothetical Hell would have been perpetually tuned into one of our FM stations.


Vivek said...

The GoI allows private FM players to air only general entertainment programmes. There is actually a restriction in place which prevents them from venturing into news/discussions/current affairs & the like.

As such, the only way for them to recover the huge licence fees & turn profitable is to jump onto the songs/SMS brigade.

Expect the situation to remain so for some more time before the GoI sees the light or the market matures (as it happened with cable TV).

Deepanjan said...

I remember listening to FM in Kolkata many years ago. Though music was still the only turf, it wasn't nearly so bad.

Ya, the GoI imposed restrictions defy common sense and impede growth. I wonder what sense prevails in the corridors of babudom.

I remember coming across the ridiculous restrictions the GoI had imposed on private FM players. That they manage to thrive at all is a miracle in itself.