Thursday, June 07, 2007


I met a great snob today and I'm still shaken by the experience. I wonder if he realizes how much of latent repugnance he carries.

On a completely different note, while the weather in Bangalore is wonderfully salubrious, it's the traffic that ruins the fun. It's an absolute killer.

The TV is on (watched by Mantu) as I type this post. Aaj Tak has plummeted the quality of desi journalism beyond measure. The current news program? An astrologer is predicting how lucky/unlucky you'll get with respect to marriage, jobs and foreign trips!

Didi SMSed yesterday telling me about the May issue of Reader's Digest still not reaching her. I emailed the RD folks with the details. They got back to me this morning stating that a second copy was being dispatched since the first was possibly lost in transit. Thanks, RD-India, for being so prompt!

Suman visited us yesterday (brought to our humble abode by Mantu), carrying Santosh's audio equipment for the laptop. Thanks, guys.


Vivek said...

Aaj Tak, Zee News, Star News .... they're all the same .... absolute pits!

In case of Aaj Tak it's all the more baffling since it's owned by a company like Living Media. I guess you have to cater to the lowest common denominator to rake in the advertising moolah.

saurabh said...

... and they are the ones that actually started this 24x7 news revolution here. its a pity that these three once competed for more share are now competeting as to who can fart out best.

Deepanjan said...

You're absolutely right! I wonder just how much of quality information do we assimilate by watching these news channels.

And the reason most Indian households avoid CNN and BBC is very straightforward. Their standards and coverages are so great, most of us can't follow a thing! Moreover, India's seclusion from most matters international makes their news coverage vastly irrelevant to us.