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Supandi Incarnate

Remember Supandi, the country bumpkin and protagonist of one of Tinkle's funniest comic strips? With Santosh around, I didn't really miss him. Real life comedy hovers around him.

Manilal was in Koramangala this morning and decided to pay us a visit in the afternoon. Cracking jokes is almost customary when old pals meet after a long break, and obviously many of our discussions revolved around my former roommate, Santosh. Mantu and I couldn't stop laughing when the following incident came to light.

Poor Santosh, his computer was lying dormant for the past few weeks because the power unit had gone bust. A particularly nosy lizard that had gone where no lizard had gone before (Santosh's desktop's SMPS) was the culprit. Now you can't really train a lizard to avoid such hazardous places and Santosh was getting increasingly restless with his lifeless computer. So he trained his often-slipping focus on getting the machine resurrected.

He finally got the power unit replaced recently after a prolonged dormancy. Now Santosh is generally a constantly homesick guy. A convenient remedy he has discovered in the alien city of Bangalore lies in the rich assortment of Bhojpuri songs that occupy a substantial part of the hard disk. With the computer finally up and running, Santosh obviously thought of satiating his musically starved self by launching some Bhojpuri songs.

The mp3 player loaded and progressed along the notes...but, there was no sound. That was weird since everything looked just fine. That's when a horrible and excruciating discovery was made. The revived computer didn't have an audio system!! While the machine was lying dormant before the SMPS could be replaced, Santosh had kindly consented to donating his sub-woofer and speakers to us, to grace Mantu's laptop. All was forgotten in the ensuing frenzy of his repaired machine!

Poor fellow! I wonder how long will it take before he loses patience and wrestles the audio system back to his dwelling. And I also wonder how much of a culture shock can his speakers take. They are now used to crooning Beethoven's symphonies and Mozart's sonatas. Imagine reverting to Bhojpuri folk in one go!


Vivek said…
C'mon cut him some slack, will ya? Santosh bhai is a nice guy.
Deepanjan said…
Santosh is the nicest guy I've ever met.

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