Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Undoing some damage

I've been busy today collating phone numbers of my contacts. Reconstructing the entire list may not be required, but some vital numbers may have been lost permanently. I need some leads...urgently.

I'll use Yahoo! Address Book as a backup from now on. But I feel synchronizing the numbers each time won't be a trivial task.

Manilal has tentatively got a new job. Santosh may be left to fend for himself in his old dwelling for the time being.


saurabh said...

i had backed my address list from 3230 as wab. it was easy to restore all the addresses in the new k550i.

Deepanjan said...

How did you do the backup?

saurabh said...

PC Suite has the option of sync up. U can put Outlook's and ur mobile's address in each other. Its a good idea to do it at least once, if not on a regular basis.

Deepanjan said...

Ah, I should have thought so! I wish we could find something on the web to accomplish this task. Would have been very handy and portable.