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Life In A... Metro

What a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L movie! I'm being constantly and pleasantly surprised by Bollywood movies of late. I just hope such flicks become more mainstream and less offbeat as the Indian audience grows mature.

Unfortunately, our fetish for cosmetic-&-candy love stories still runs strong and will take years of undoing before we develop a taste for the nuances that cinema should portray.


Vivek said…
Try to get hold of a 'Mumbai Matinee' CD. It'll be like looking into a mirror for you. Sittu, back me up on this.
saurabh said…
:) hi hi hi, right rob.
and ya i also liked "Life in a... Metro" is a lot, specially the acting of irfaan khan, konkana & sharman joshi... and ya, kangana is looking like a delicate balance of hot & cute :)

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