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Sex & the City

Could someone please tell why didn't our forefathers have anything better to do than to chant holy hymns during the day and endlessly copulate during the night? And they didn't even bother to cross breed at that, condemning our gene-pool to steady degeneration. Why the hell couldn't they occupy their minds with other things?

The population in India is a real pain. Everywhere you go, there are people staring indignantly at you, talking aloud to each other or over the phone, honking, screaming, scheming, threatening, intruding...well, the list is endless. I blame our ultra passionate ancestors for causing all this mess. When resources are limited and people multiply faster than bunnies, there'll obviously be pressure on the land. There's competition for even the most basic things, and even when you occasionally manage to win, your share is considerably dwindled.

The trip from office to home normally takes three quarters of an hour. It took an hour more today. Traffic is really choked and when you have people with little or no civic sense, the situation is aggravated manifold. The BTM stretch is a real pain. The 5 kms took more than half-an-hour to traverse. What's supremely irritating is that the shuttle halted after every few meters. You'll never find vehicles moving in streamlines in India. They'll squeeze into whatever space they find and in whatever direction that is available. Moving ahead by all possible means is the only rule of thumb followed here.

The bus stops are another pain. People at the stops pour heavily onto the roads and this causes additional traffic snarls. I just wish the bus could raze such people. To make matters worse, the tiny autos try all possible means to park at the turnings, thereby reducing visibility and causing a bottleneck. It's a matter of common sense that curvatures should always be cleared as soon as possible since it otherwise leads to jams. But why complain when no one finds that a problem?

In half-a-century of post-independence, India's population had already multiplied 4 times! I guess the only solution to all this unbridled fledgling is a nuclear holocaust or a natural calamity. Guess what, even our national language is sex-obsessed. It affixes a gender to inanimate objects like a typewriter or even a book! No wonder!

Addendum: I know what I've written above is rather semi-racist and derogatory. But it isn't far from the truth and it most certainly isn't wrong. I generally try not to vent my frustration via my blog, but I'm allowed this rare moment of outburst. And I'm not taking my words back.


Anonymous said…
traffic at peak hours must be d case every where , and indian population is static not actually growing alarmingly anymore .

d root cause is lack of infrastruture ,
combined with d uncivil public ,
cannot blame public seeing rush and urgency and no choice .
guess metro rail project , flyover constructions
and coordination may make things better .
Deepanjan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
u mean people need 2 get civil & diciplined . agreed indian blood has
imbibed certain characteristics such as
crowding up , being noisy and rude ,
rush up , dirty place , gossip etc ,
but i am not sure other western people
r better .

every human being in general r like dat ,
regulation will help , but that means drastic change . will it be right to fine someone uncivic is that possible ,
or imprison dem .no .

people's intiative makes difference ,
dey do . 4 ex , if dere is a dustbin nearby , it would stop litteriong on
roads .

dere is good side 2 indians too , westerners i think r racist 4 colour ,
no frequent bus transports dere ,
every person owns car adding 2 polution ,govt. is currupt dere also ,
and many places r not safe becos of crimes .atleast dis is true 4 d usa .

In a way becos of westernisation ,
indians have lost deir identity ,
and people degrate themselves and
praise west , and dey become nobody with
no class .

civic sense will come about when encouraged , d don't care attitude ,
no point in being civic feeling is
and population won't be a problem ,
if it was not 4 poverty .

i think its better 2 adopt already existing orphan children , than
have real ofsprings ,
dis will reduce population and also
make a diprived person gave something .
Deepanjan said…
I appreciate your view.

Our population growth is alarming to me, thought it may not seem so to many others. It's really a matter of visibility of facts that shapes our opinion on such matters.

The root cause is in our genes. Genetic Engineering could help undo the damage we've already done to them, though we must once again look to the West to help ameliorate ourselves. But then again, would we allow the 'uncultured' westerners to tamper with our holy egos in the first place?

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