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Last Friday, I had asked for a train ticket to be booked for the 1st of Sept. It came as a rude shock to me today when I realized that the booking office had conveniently forgotten to do the needful. After scrambling for over half an hour, they realized that there had been a slip. To matters matters worse, no more tickets for the said date are available now.

In desperation, I've asked the erring folks to get me tickets for the 8th. I'll be grateful and pleasantly surprised if at all they can deliver on their promise this time. What's more worrying is that I'm not very sure if my new vacation schedule will be approved in the first place.

How can people take their responsibilities so lightly? All my plans are now at risk because of the oversight of a few guys who just didn't attach much importance to their duties. I've had it with these booking offices. A similar experience in Pune has now shaken my belief in travel agents. Technology is more reliable than people and I now intend to book my tickets directly via the Net.

Really, you can't whip an ass and expect it to run like a horse. My frustration and exasperation are shooting through the roof.


Anonymous said…
just get ur rights , claiming ur money
4m the booker source .
u should get a reliable booker ,
who is accoutable so reliable ,
and u should then and then moniter them ,
den definitely things would work out .
Anonymous said…
"Booker" sounds similar to "hooker".
he he he
Deepanjan said…
Hooker Prize, anyone?!
Anonymous said…
That "anom" deserves the Hooker Prize.

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