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I'm amazed by how some guys extricate a perverted sense of pleasure by feeling offended by even the most subtle chides. Do people really have to take generic attacks personally? Instead of learning from their mistakes and proudly (or even sheepishly) owning up to them, they'll bravely protect their flawed turfs like a citadel.

I know the feeling since I was an emotional wreck as a child. Even the slightest provocation would trigger a steady stream of tears. How silly I was! But I learned the hard way that taking offense to unkind words doesn't necessarily pay. I grew up and managed to jettison many of my faulty traits.

I guess some people never learn. My earphones doubled up today as perfect earplugs and helped drown the pitiable verbal attenuations of a mistake (very minor) with Mozart's Symphony #38!


Anonymous said…
I guess its not just to expect everyone to be alike.Each individual have their own pace of learning.Its better not to compare with thyself.
I am amazed it affected you enough to mention this here.While he needs to learn not to take things personally,you need to put a net at the border of your expectation.
Say thanks for all the gyans ha! missing a smiley here.
Deepanjan said…
Some parameters are universally applicable.
Anonymous said…
If you defend....then all of it has gone to drains!

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