Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Lift doesn't Uplift

It drives me nuts when people use the lift to reach a floor that's just one floor above or below theirs. Just how lazy can they get? They don't get much mobility anyway, and when they do get a chance to stretch a little, they'll avoid it. I've come across some crazed folks who habitually halt the lift to go from the first to the ground floor.

I think we should commission a sentry in each lift whose sole purpose would be to crack the whip on such people. I'm sure some public humiliation would go a long way in discouraging this malpractice. If this seems too dramatic, maybe we can reprogram the lift keys to be disabled for the next floor. A more drab but equally effective antidote could be the slapping of a fine.

I'm reminded of a visit to a new shopping mall in Kolkata a few years ago. I was stunned to find people patiently queuing up for the lift. Source: 1st Floor...Target: 0th Floor. The staircase right next to it was wide open and virtually empty. People gain such perverted pleasures from short but free joyrides!

I just wish the shaft would go down right to the centre of the earth and allow the lift a freefall through it, the lazy bones being condemned to eternal detention within.


-J said...

Deep!! u haven't changed much!!! i still get kicks out of ur blog :p
except ur blog's bg has changed..kinda dark but it's alright. how r ya?? I'm GOOD. LOTS and LOTS to tell ya..i'm finally going to find some time next week and update my blog. i have so many ppl to catch up with and am really behind in responding to emails. i'll get to them slowly but surely as my life normalizes over the next few weeks. ok it's midnite here..gonna take off. talk to ya soon!

Deepanjan said...

Hey J!
Here's something that qualifies for Ripley's: I was thinking of you this very morning and realized how lifeless blogosphere had become since your hiatus!! I'm not joking.

It's really boring without your blog. I had planned on pleading for you to break the ice. Good thing you'll do so anyway!