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Troy Ploy

Serendipity happens to be one of the perks of having a computer network at home, something I've seldom come across because of my vastly different tastes and inclinations. I've rarely bothered to browse thru the shared folders on Mani's and Anand's computers; and each time I do, I hardly discover anything new other than the odd Hindi movie.

But the occasional surprises do spring up, thanks to Santosh getting into the snooping act! So it was, when at 12:45 this morning I discovered-much to my delight-the Hollywood movie Troy. Now I was supposed to get up in exactly 6 hrs, but temptations are hard to resist, especially when you seldom chance upon such movies.

I at once began watching the movie, although I wished we had discovered it a few hours ago. It was getting late and I was becoming increasingly worried about getting up on time in the morning. Needless to say, I found the movie thoroughly relishing and that egged me on.

A timely intervention came when the first movie file was over and it was time to load the second. It was also high time I went off to sleep since it was nearing 2. Decided to put off watching the second-half until after I came back from office. A timely decision!

I have my alarm set for 0645 hrs each morning, and this morning when I woke up (inspite of lacking in sleep) to its chimes, I decided to snooze a little, maybe 5 mins-I thought. Yeah, I snoozed all right...but for a longer duration! When I woke up with a start, I realized to my horror that it was 7:30!

For a moment, I thought of giving up since the situation was hopeless. Time to miss the bus again-I reckoned. But then I realized how indispensable I had suddenly become to the IT industry. The responsibilities, the expectations and the impending adulations to be heaped upon me were too much to be ignored. I couldn't betray my fellow techies lest the fledgling Indian software industry collapse.

So I sprang into action and got ready in record time-20 minutes flat! I didn't even know I had such hidden talents! Anyway, I successfully made up for lost time and dashed for the bus stop. Made it just in time!

I went on to work like an ass from 9 AM to 8:30 PM. Hey, whatever happened to all the adulation I was expecting?! Sigh, it's a thankless job. Came back home depleted and dozy. Watched the remaining part of the movie. It was definitely worth a watch.


Anonymous said…
action like a movie pace ,
good for you . dejavu again and again
from slumbering , missing busses and work

one thing y can't u keep motorbike
it would be convenient , it might
give u the freedoom to boom anywhere
u want .

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