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Just when I thought the world was hard of hearing...

...IBN comes snooping into my blog!
I just got my first breaking news on my mobile.


Deepanjan said… was stale news by the time it flashed on the tiny screen,'s a start!
There was no Rahul Mahajan. Must be grateful for that. I'm sick of the that drama. Our news media can be really pitiable.
biswajit said…
Good news to start up with...what do u say??
Deepanjan said…
Yes, but the whole Iraqi issue is a bit annoying.
Vivek said…
Ya, the US has killed more civilians as collateral in Iraq than Zarqawi has killed foreigners .... so who's the bigger terrorist?
Deepanjan said…
Imagine what would happen if Zarqawi had America's firepower! It's important to kill a few dangerous men for the sake of saving innumerable innocents.

War is never a clinical affair. Some good men will inevitable be lost...a hazard one must learn to live with.

America is not the terrorist, it's the savior.
Vivek said…
I agree with you. Was just stating a different viewpoint.

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