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Fish Fish Fish

Had fish after a gap of 4 months! Santosh went on a 5 hr crusade to search for fish and didn't give up before succeeding! He went out at 6 in the evening and came back only at 11. The cooking was over only at 12:30 this morning! It was well worth the wait!

Need I add it was delicious?!


Anonymous said…
fishing , this is human nature
more mixed with cat nature ,
heitclif .

in wodehouse novel , wooster calls
jeeves brainy and one of the secrets
of it is that jeeves eats fish
and his grey cells function!.

ofcourse one should appreciate their
reproductive capability ,
when human species of many nos consume
fish along with other species , they r still not extinct ! incredible ,
considering there are water shortages in todays world and not fish shortages !

gd u enjoyed fishes before their doom period , if atall it comes .

just one fact , it is said that a vegetarian deer is strong in running ,
while the lion carnivorous is mighty ,
but it is strong in running only for a short
while after which the lion gets tired ,
the deer runs all the while without
getting tired .
even the elephant strong creature is vegetarian .

anyway eat healthy , think better ,
ting , ting , ting , ting.

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