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The Trip

Santosh is busy these days scouring the web for his imminent trans-India tour, Mumbai receiving special attention since he'll stay at his brother-in-law's place there for a week. This'll be his first trip to India's commercial capital, something that has got him both excited and anxious at the same time.

Let's face it, Mumbai has gained a lot of notoriety over the Indian populace because of the ways of its ruffians. Bollywood portrayals of these streetsmart people-though exaggerated sometimes-isn't too far from the truth. Country bumpkins are known to have been duped of their money and belongings on innumerable occasions. You have entire movies revolving around how the hoodlums make a living out of their shady ways.

Anyway, Santosh is using the Net to its fullest to prepare himself for the trip. Google Maps, Google Web Search, Google Image Search, blog accounts of city sojourns, Wikipedia entries, photos of landmarks, train routes, et al have been probed, researched and documented.

Everything's still in the planning stage and the exact date of journey hasn't been fixed yet.


Anonymous said…
Ae bhidu, bole to kya Santosh Mumbai aa rahella hai?
Anonymous said…
Deepanjan said…
Yeah! He's expecting royal hospitality from your fellow Mumbaikars. Don't you dare disappoint him!
Vivek said…
Santosh bhai .... bole to Happy Journey, kya?
Santosh Singh said…
yes,viv Thanks for happy journy.I'm going to Ranchi inspite of Mumbai.
Santosh Singh said…
Hey Sameer,
Ya,I'm coming Mumbai most probably in July.Are will you be there?.I'll try to meet you.
Santosh Singh said…
Really, I'm fearing after knowing the story of Mumbai local train.It requires
skill,technique and persistence to get in and out of Mumbai Local train.
Deepanjan said…
Take it as a vital lesson meant to be learnt.

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