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Crab Nebula (in Taurus)

I remember falling in love with the Crab Nebula when I read about it in a book by Ian Ridpath. Taurus, though, was interesting to me only because of its proximity to the stunningly beautiful Pleiades group of newborn stars, easily visible to the naked eye.


Anonymous said…
have a telescope on pocession ? ,
if not sure you plan to .
A world of mystery ,
a point beyond dreaming ,
there is no limits to imagination !.
Deepanjan said…
I do have a telescope but the magnification power isn't enough. I'll buy a reflecting telescope someday.
Anonymous said…
excellent , you visit planetoriums ,
its the museum for space exploration
supposedly ...
do u think universe would end at some point of time , if that theory holds true
where there is a beggining there is an end .
to imagine infenity , just dream of
space , ever expanding , holding colonies
of ornaments consisting of stars and galaxies....

anyway , a aspiring space watcher ,
always has something to wonder about .

just one thought buy an excellent telescope sometime which lasts for ages,making it like a treature ,
for grand children and great grand children to behold ....that will be most interesting , a modern legend sort of perhapes ....

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