Volatile Memory

I really suck at recalling names. This has posed serious problems for me ever since I came to the new bay. So many people gradually trickling into my professional life, yet I can manage to recall only a handful of names. Many people know me by name, but the reverse is generally not true.

The tags hardly help. The writing is too tiny to be legible from afar. What could be the possible solution? I guess people should stick post-its on their foreheads with their names written in bold using the largest fitting font.

I wouldn't suggest tattoo as it would be unreasonable to expect them to undergo such pains just because of my handicap. But post-its...they can try it for my sake.


Ashish said…
never speak out with their names. after all dost, yaar,sale.. and all slags are for whom...
yes, right its for us ... people having the old.. 8088 volatile cheap memory which gets cleared before issuing a clear command :D
deepanjan said…
Suggest me some generic ways of summoning ppl.
Ashish said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
deepanjan said…
Was rather graphic! So please don't mind my removing it.
Do continue with your inputs since I'm looking forward to them.
Prateek said…
You can refer to them as :
Bho*ri ke,
Abey chu***e,

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