Late Late Late

Our meeting slipped past its scheduled period and I ended up missing my 1820 hrs bus. Ruing was an option I decided not to exercise, and I ended up spending another 2 hrs in office doing nothing. When it was finally time to leave, I took the wrong bus! Luckily, its route wasn’t too different from the one I was supposed to take. Landed up in Jayanagar from where I walked back home, although I wasn’t really sure of the way. Instinct made me traverse whatever lied ahead and though my sense of direction is generally very poor, it didn’t fail me this time. Lucky me, since it was already late and after a bad experience, I was wary of walking alone in Bangalore at night, especially through deserted and dimly lit streets.

On my way I thought about how little I knew of places that weren’t really too far from home. Whatever little I knew came mostly by way of similar experiences when I was lost and had to somehow find my way out! Reached home at 2145 hrs. Santosh was out under some pretext (I really don’t care about the alibis anymore) and reappeared after a long wait. I browsed the web for a few hours.

7th June

Had dinner at 0100 hrs and went to bed at 0145 hrs. Santosh & I discussed how constructive contributing to Wikipedia could be and how it could serve as a specialized form of social networking. I agreed.

Woke up at 0645 hrs for office.


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