Friday, June 02, 2006


I'm usually in an upbeat mood on Fridays. Not this time.

I've taken great pains to see to it that no one is hurt by my outspoken posts. Sure enough, I've had to cut down heavily on the posts I would have otherwise published. Unfortunately, there's only so much I can do.

Some folks have now taken offence to a recent post of mine. Really, I've been taken aback by their disposition towards something that wouldn't be deemed even remotely offensive by sensible people. I wonder by what stretch of imagination have these folks become so upset by the message that wasn't meant to be anything more than a friendly joke.

What's worse is that these guys couldn't even dare to confront me on the issue that's ostensibly bugging them no end. Instead, they cribbed about it and exhibited their gaping wounds to someone else in the high hopes that news would seep in and I would take pity on their tender selves! The biggest problem with these guys is their limited understanding of the English language. Having lacked a decent learning, they often take things at face value. Very egregious.

Folks, wake up and broaden your horizon. Look beyond the limited confines of your lives and try to assimilate a diversity of opinion. And learn to take a joke sportingly when you come across one. Until that happens, I would be grateful if you could give my blog a miss. It's really a humiliation having semi-literate and narrow-minded people going through it.


Vivek said...

What? Who? When? Why?

deepanjan said...

Nothing serious, yaar!
Just the occasional flare up when I'm unable to contain myself.