Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A fortnight's work gets ruined

I had been downloading music off the Net for the past 2 weeks and tonight I was close to getting my CD ready. Alas, when the job was nearing completion, the CD writer (there must be something buggy about it) completely ruined it and now my CD is unreadable! Should not have copied the final batch of songs!

It's my 3rd CD to be ruined like this and I'm sure there's a physical defect with the CD writer. I'm starting from scratch. Gotta download all those songs yet again. My patience is being tried.


Prateek said...

Abey saale hard drive me hamesha backup rakha karo. jab thik se CD write ho jaye tabhi backup hatao.

deepanjan said...

Ya, I've already decided on doing that. Problem is, it's Santosh's computer and I feel guilty occupying the precious little disk space available on it.

Economy of space is a concept alient to my adorable roommate. There's too much of redundant content (like 10 versions of the same photo edited by Picasa) and my pleas to have them removed have been futile.


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