The Errors

It’s a habit I carry from my school days…never reviewing my work before submission. So when I sat down to finally give Bollywood Romance a hard read, I discovered glaring errors, much to my chagrin. Simple words were misspelt or forgotten altogether, grammar was faulty, punctuations were missed or oversupplied…the list is long. I did some repair work, but I’m sure flaws still remain. Blogs (even mine) bore me to death, and that’s why revising before finally posting is such a tall order. Long posts are the worst culprits; they put me to sleep by the time I'm halfway through! Is there a solution to the problem?


Sameer said…
Yo dimwit, I saw the Accenture building coming up in Pune at Hadapsar.
zoya said…
Great! Come quickly!!
deepanjan said…
Not that soon, I'm afraid!

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