The Checks

I checked, double checked and triple checked the key on my way out this morning, just to make sure even Houdini couldn't escape with it without my knowledge. The recent experience has shaken me up bad and now I'm really paranoid. I'm inching towards obsessive-compulsive disorder!


Anonymous said…
1,2,3....r u dere , key testing ..
ah , fine ...oh no again , 1,2,3 ....
thankgod key ur there and again
1,2,3 ...what 2 do u left me onece .
Prateek said…
Hey bhai ye anonymous kuan hai, aaj tak pata nahi chala. kahi ye wohi to nahi jo Yahoo groups me dhamaal machaya tha.
Iska spelling to pure chaupat hai.
deepanjan said…
I don't mind Anonymous posting the way he does as long as he doesn't write anything abusive or invasive.

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