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Romance in the dark

I was already cozily tucked into my bed. It was the dead of night and I was sound asleep. That's when she literally dropped in...though, going by past experience, I wasn't in the least bit surprised. She began exploring my body but I wasn't really in the mood. My overtures were clear but she wouldn't take no for an answer.

She managed to get on top of me and began exploring my body. I began to fret and meekly protested to her advances but even that wasn't enough to spurn her. I ran for cover, but she managed to squeeze in. Now this was getting intolerable and painful. She would noisily move all over me, touch me and then suck me. I gave in. When she was finally satisfied, she left without even a kind word or two. I was hurt. Does she have the right to exploit me like this so often?

Damn mosquito!

A local transformer went kaput owing to which we lost power last night. The mosquito repellent went on strike along with all the electrical appliances and that's when the physical exploitation began. Transformers in Bangalore are more vulnerable than even their Ranchi counterparts. Come some rain and you'll find them going bust all around you. Well, I guess it's another way of reinforcing our famed spartan way of living. We're so at home with miserable existence that even a nuclear holocaust wouldn't have a significant effect. Way to go! Come what may, we're prepared for the worst. We're almost there!

And there was no power by the time I left for office this morning. Can't one of our countless gods and goddesses have any pity on us? Is nepotism rampant in Hindu airspace? I'm sure the authoritarian gods of other religions are less corrupt.


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