Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The emotional upheavals over the past few days have been immense. I was on top of the world when I received a call from an onsite opportunity (6 months in Canada followed by a stint in Hyderabad). I readily consented. Then everything went blank, corporate malpractice took over and I was inducted into another project even without my approval. The opportunity was blown in spite of Zoya's sincerest efforts. I feel disillusioned and down in the dumps.

The bus journey back home was a pain yesterday. We were stranded for 45 minutes because of a jam and when we finally did begin to move, the Bengali couple (not in the conventional sense of the word) sitting in front of me started talking non-stop about everything from an over fried fish and Durga Puja to Bangalore Traffic and the steep prices here. Worse, they reclined their back rests so much, I almost had difficulty breathing. Any more reclining and they would be all set to become a couple of the intimate kind.

Dinner has become a serious issue ever since Mantu and Suman left. I've been experimenting with a highly unconventional and varied diet that I'm sure is either boosting the nutrition content or stripping it. Either way, the experiment will come to an end when Mantu and the gang that flocks around him return. Buying 3 oranges for dinner on Monday taught me a vital lesson: don't judge an orange by its skin. While the threesome looked turgid enough on the outside, peeling revealed the most dehydrated oranges I've ever seen.

Guess what, blogging is not permissible from my current workstation! I can't even visit my page. I'm sending this post via mail but I don't remember if I've configured my account for post-by-email or publish-by-email. Either way, the urgency for a Net connection at home has only increased. I now intend to read my posts via Google Reader. As ill luck would have it, GR has gone cranky since morning. Guess it'll have to be Yahoo! Reader then, at least for the time being.

Here we go, p*-by-email! Typos will be incorrigible now! Well, almost!

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