Friday, May 25, 2007

Like a Virgin

May there be more virgins like Virgin Radio! I've been scouring the web (and draining the cell) for audio streams that support mobile phones. Unfortunately, there aren't too many to choose from. The only one that has been working flawlessly on my phone is Virgin Radio, though its 3 stations aren't exactly to my liking. Still, it's fun to stream audio from the Net through the phone when others around me listen either to vanilla FM or locally stored MP3.

The bandwidth is generally good enough to support the streams without intermittent periods of silence (when the buffer cache is empty). There are a few mobile audio services that help provide streams from conventional Internet radio stations, but you need to pay up. One exception is Mundu Radio, a service that sounds too good to be true.Unfortunately, you need a PC to install the software on your handset. One dream product that has recently surfaces is SymTorrent, a BitTorrent client that supports my Nokia. Unfortunately, here too you need a PC to install the software on your handset.

I'm now literally a roving news reader! Ever since I subscribed to RSS feeds through Opera Mini's integrated newsreader, shuttling between home and office has become considerably less boring. This is the most engrossing article I read in recent times. And this morning I was overjoyed to learn that CNN Pipeline will go free from July, although my mobile still won't be equipped to exploit it.

All blog posts post Monday have been published through my mobile since the proxy server I use from my desktop refuses to log me into my Blogger account. I guess such servers have trouble dealing with forms. Correcting typos through my phone is extremely cumbersome and I must apologize for the slips (if any).

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