Monday, May 14, 2007


Ever since Mantu left for New Delhi, I've become a TV addict. There are two factors that have primarily contributed to it: No computer (so no Internet) at home & I can tune in to the channels that cater to my tastes.

Mantu's tastes are very different from mine. So while the channel selector (2 of which were busted) was formerly set for the likes of Aaj Tak and Zee Cinema, I've painstakingly reset it to channels like Star World, Zee Cafe, BBC, The History Channel, Star Movies, etc. Even ETV Bangla has found its way into my list.

While ETV Bangla can be a real pain back home, I rather enjoyed watching it in spite of most of its programs being no brainers or dedicated to the epitome of all sedatives the world has ever known, Rabindra Sangeet. So omnipotently placating is it that it could effectively put a bull in heat to sleep. Why do all exponents of Rabindra Sangeet sound exactly the same? I'll never know.

The weekend was spent in eating, sleeping and watching the idiot box. What a perfect waste of time.

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saurabh said...

waste of time? you call that waste of time??? Dude, watching TV is like having sex. It can never be a waste of time...