Thursday, May 03, 2007

A few things transpired...

...over the last few days. However, since I'm keeping my blog under heavy sedatives for the current year (!), I won't run into the details here.

  • I met with some disappointment owing to which I had to take an important decision.
  • I came across a law-enforcement agent who was misusing his office to dupe others. The fellow, however, couldn't get the better of me even after thoroughly checking my mobile for 'adult' content. His disappointment was clearly evident as he returned my phone and I felt like choking him to death. But what really shocked me was the way he initially grabbed my sleeve and pulled me over as I walked completely oblivious of his malicious intent. I would have probably written a complaint about the incident had I expected disciplinary action. But it's an open secret how the higher echelons of power work hand in glove with the criminal minnows. It's a well evolved and parallel machinery used as a secondary source of income forged by those who have enough state-entrusted power bestowed upon them to bully hapless people. Corruption runs deep in our society and a lack of transparency and accountability is responsible for fueling it all.
  • I finally got my 5.7G of music copied to my 9 CD's. Western Classical & Jazz are way above the crappy noise that often pass for music. If only people could realize what they're missing.
  • Yahoo! Mail Plus works like a dream. It's just perfect. I guess this is how I'll use mail for the rest of my life. No more handling multiple accounts over multiple domains. There are only three factors where Gmail beats Yahoo Mail: Grouping related mails together, Tags and Search.


Anonymous said...


You MUST MUST MUST send me a copy of those 9 CDs of Music. Feel free to suggest how you would like to be repaid - cash, kind or love :-)

- Gurdas

Deepanjan said...

I'm surprised! You actually want to listen to my collection?!

Transferring 5.7G is not easy. I could suggest the torrents that you may use to download the music.

And you won't be charged a dime for the downloads per se!

Anonymous said... can i contact you ????please ..mail me ur id